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How to Declutter Home Storage Areas

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Many families declutter their homes before the holidays. They ensure that their homes are ready and look beautiful to welcome guests. Others focus on readying the home to welcome a clutter-free new year. Maintaining a neat, well-organized home is a resolution many families make. However, there is a dark, ugly secret that even some of the most beautiful homes harbor. And that is a messy, crowded storage room or space, or a junk drawer or closet. 

Sometimes families turn storage spaces like attics, basements, sheds, or drawers into dumping grounds. As items lie unused and forgotten for long, they end up as junk. Most families have junk removal needs that they keep putting off by just shoving things in storage space. But of course, these items that are being kept just because of indecision or procrastination weigh heavily on the homeowners’ minds. More storage space can be created by decluttering and organizing the storage areas periodically. A professional junk removal service can be very helpful especially if there are bulky items or items that would take time to dispose of. St Paul Junk Removal, St Paul MN offers some suggestions to accomplish this seemingly herculean task of clearing and organizing storage areas. 

1. Think of the Advantages of Decluttering Storage Areas

It is very motivating to remind oneself of why the storage area needs to be decluttered. It might simply be too full. Decluttering would make space for items that are used occasionally but need to be kept, like Christmas decorations. Having fewer things arranged in order would make it easier and faster to find things when they are needed. Decluttering homes has positive effects on health and happiness

2. Start Small

If decluttering the storage space seems too overwhelming, a relatively less cluttered place can be tackled first. This helps to motivate the person and get them into the flow of the process. For example, if the basement is the place with more junk, decluttering a drawer or shelf might be a good way to get things started. Once momentum is created the larger task will appear more doable, and it will be easier to begin. 

3. Have a schedule

It is best to schedule a time for decluttering. Since a storage area will have more stuff, several sessions over several days will be needed. Families with children should consider that when scheduling. Younger children might need alternative care arrangements. Older children’s schedules would be considered if they are being involved in decluttering, depending on their age. 

4. Categorize the Items

As each part of the storage space is examined, items can be sorted into what has to be kept, and what can be discarded. Here a ruthless approach would have to be taken. Rather than putting off things, segregate them into must-keep things and things to discard. Anything that has been lying in storage for long because it might be needed should ideally be discarded. 

5. Decide What To Do

It is more effective to decide what to do with the unwanted items and segregate them accordingly. There might be some things that can be passed on to a friend’s family, while other things can be donated. Damaged or unusable things need to be disposed of. A junk removal company can help in taking these items away. That way, the homeowner need not waste time and energy on moving these things to a dumpster or landfill. Especially for bulkier items, junk removal professionals can help with furniture removal and appliance removal. 

6. Allocate Space

Having a fixed space for all items is helpful. For example, depending on the family’s needs there can be a certain amount of space for Christmas decorations depending on the size of the home. Every year the family can decide to discard the excess so that damaged or unwanted ornaments can be removed, to make room for newer things and the older ornaments that need to be preserved for sentimental reasons. This way storage space will not be misused and a periodic declutter happens. 

7. Organize

After decluttering, the items retained can be organized. Things can be organized in accessible ways using organizers and labels as needed. This way everything is accessible and it is easier to keep things tidy. 

8. Reassess

Each family can periodically reassess things in storage so that clutter does not accumulate. This helps to reorganize things in a way that is functional according to the changing needs of the family.

A clutter-free storage area is like the icing on the cake. It certainly reduces anxiety and overwhelming feelings that cause procrastination. It also motivates the homeowner to keep the rest of the house tidy and organized. St Paul Junk Removal, St Paul MN provides hassle-free, affordable junk removal services. Homeowners in St Paul, MN taking the bold step of decluttering their storage areas can contact them on (651) 800-7842. St Paul Junk Removal is a leading junk removal provider that helps homes and businesses get rid of anything from car tires to televisions and clear out their garages, basements, attics, or yards.

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