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How To Declutter Children's Bedrooms
Monday, February 28th 2022, 5:00 AM

Tips For Clutter-Free Children’s Bedrooms

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Over the years, people have become more aware of the benefits of clutter-free, organized homes. Children’s bedrooms are challenging to declutter and keep tidy. This is because children are constantly moving and playing or experimenting with different things. Their rapid growth and changing requirements and interests lead to new items.

St Paul Junk Removal, MN, shares tips to help declutter kids' bedrooms. As challenging as it may be, these tips will help anyone get down to decluttering kids' bedrooms. This will have a positive effect on the family's health, including children.

  • No Toying About

Toys, games, and books are not child’s play for decluttering! Any toys or games that are broken or unusable should be trashed. Toys and games in good condition can be set aside for donation. Anything in excess, like more than one set of Monopoly, or a dozen stuffed toys, should be donated. Older children can be involved in this process. They can be given a fixed number or a space to limit how many items they can keep. More important things may need help to be removed. For example, swing set removal can be done with help from a local junk removal service.

Children outgrow their books. Removing old books frees up space for new ones. This will also keep children interested in reading. Torn and damaged books should be disposed of. Books in good condition can be donated or sold.

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Unlike the emperor, who had no clothes, children’s closets are sometimes overflowing with unused clothes. Clothes that are torn, outgrown, or simply unworn for months because of personal preferences should be labeled clearly and stored to trash or donate. Seasonal clothes can be labeled and stored in a separate box out of reach to make space for dresses in use. Clothes received as gifts but are too hefty may be kept the same way, labeled with the age they are expected to fit. Accessories like belts, bags, hair accessories, and shoes must be dealt with too. The freed space can then be used to arrange clothes to find, wear (unlike the emperor), and keep tidy.

  • Don’t Be A Museum

All parents treasure their children’s artwork, from the meaningless messy squiggles and handprints to their best art and school projects. But it is essential to let go and avoid piles of paper that lie forgotten. Parents can choose exceptional pieces like the first handprint to save. Daily squiggles and doodles can be discarded. A number limit can be set for a year or six months for better artwork and school projects to be filed away. All other artwork can be discarded after taking digital pictures. Ensure the child’s work is exhibited prominently in their room or on the fridge to understand their work is appreciated.

  • Repeat

Decluttering is never a day’s job. While tidying up happens daily and weekly, decluttering can happen quarterly or twice a year, depending on the family’s needs. Children keep growing, things get damaged, and trends keep changing. Just like clothes and toys are outgrown, furniture needs to be replaced as children grow. Rooms might need renovation to add space or features that the children need. Major projects lead to the accumulation of more junk. A professional junk removal company can handle junk removal, and a professional junk removal company can hold a local junk removal service.

  • Keep It Down

Just like children are taught to reduce destructive behavior and loudness, they can be made to appreciate minimalism in practice. Parents can find a balance between limits and fun based on their children’s age, space at home, financial aspects, family values, principles, etc. For example, children can understand that donating some of their toys can bring more happiness. Saving up to buy one special toy can be better than buying several uninteresting things.

  • Parents Are “It”

Like in everything else, children follow their parents in how they want, use, and keep their things. Parents must purchase responsibly and follow decluttering rules. Children are more likely to pick up after themselves if parents do so and have designated places for everything at home.

Parenting is a challenging and rewarding journey. It includes instilling habits and values in children from an early age. Parents can maintain living spaces that promote mental and physical health by making children's partners advertise to promote psychological and physical health. St Paul Junk Removal Service, the top-rated junk removal service in Minnesota, provides affordable junk removal services. They are committed to disposing of junk correctly and ensuring everything recyclable is kept away from landfills. They can be contacted for junk removal needs on (651) 800-7842. 

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